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a ping pong table is in the middle of a room
projectMuh-Tay-Zik / Hof-Fer – San Francisco Offices designer Gensler photographerJasper Sanidad featuresGames Room
a yellow lamp sitting on top of a table next to a white chair and ottoman
The Wave Coworking Offices - Hong Kong | Office Snapshots
The Wave Coworking Offices – Conference Suite, Hong Kong
an office with black and white checkered flooring, yellow letters on the wall
Santam Corporate Offices
Santam Corporate Offices – Inhouse
a sign that says do good things on it
Start A Fire
100 Stunning Picture Quotes That Will Supercharge Your Creativity
an office with yellow chairs and a black couch in the center, next to a wall that reads we'll move your image
Archives for December 2011 | Office Design Gallery - The best offices on the planet
Masque Spacio Office Design by Ana Hernández Palacios