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This is a good show of how Merida (from the movie Brave -- girl with the wild red curls) broke the mold of Disney princesses. Look at her eyes and face! Smaller proportions, ruddy complexion, better, less perfect smile... Elsa and Anna (third and first) were after Merida, and they went straight back to the "perfect princess." Merida is perfect in her imperfection because she resembles A MORE REALISTIC GIRL not just in appearance but in personality. Shame on you, Disney, for redesigning her.

Does anyone else notice that Merida and Rapunzel stay smiled and have a look of joy while Elsa and Anna go from smiled to sad and serious like the joy and happiness of their childhood is gone? Disney kids to Disney teens Anna, Merida, Elsa, Rapunzel

Hufflepuff -- Tumblr

Can We Guess Which Hogwarts House You’re In? You got: Hufflepuff You’re loyal, friendly, and a great listener. You’re a “people person” who EVERYONE loves to be around. Life’s your party, so why not throw down with some Hufflepuffs?

Ravenclaw -- Tumblr

You got: Ravenclaw You’re bright, clever, and always the smartest person in the room. You’re curious and capable to the core, and can’t stand to be around anyone who doesn’t move at your pace. That means you HAVE to be a Ravenclaw. What's your house?

Slytherin -- Tumblr

You got: Slytherin You’re ambitious, focused, and driven. Winning isn’t everything — it’s the only thing, and you’ll stop at nothing to get what you want. You have to surround yourself with fellow go-getters, so Slytherin it is!

THE FALCONER's Italian cover - La Cacciatrice Di Fate (The Slayer of Faeries)

La cacciatrice di fate di Elizabeth May - Sperling & Kupfer - 18 febbraio