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past, present or future art exhibitions (photography and more) that are interesting for artists, themes, spaces and so on.

24 hrs in photos by Erik Kessels (from 2013) Thanks to the wealth of image sharing sites and the availability of digital cameras, the world is subjected to an avalanche of new photos every single day. For ’24 Hrs In Photos,’ a single day was chosen, and the images for that day printed out. The result were mountains of photos, reaching from gallery floor to ceiling.

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Sophie Calle, MAdRE. Castello di Rivoli

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Sophie Calle, MAdRE, Castello di Rivoli.

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“Les sentiers battus sont pleins de fictions endormies / I sentieri battuti sono pieni di visioni addormentate”. Filatoio di Caraglio

Ana Mendieta @ Castello di Rivoli

boris mikhailov / men's talk dal 10 ottobre 2014 al 31 gennaio 2015 | Guido Costa Projects

IL CORPO COME LINGUAGGIO 26.03.2011 > 16.10.2011 MOSTRE Anni Sessanta e Settanta a cura di Roberta Valtorta

Installation View of -#WalkerEvans: American Photographs- at The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, September, 1938. On

gianluca e massimiliano de serio - un ritorno, maggio 2014, a cura di ludovico pratesi e angela tecce. Museo Marino Marini

SOPHIE CALLE, « MAdRE ». Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Turin, Italy, 2014.