50 Genius Storage Ideas (all very cheap and easy!) Great for organizing and small houses.

50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap Storage Ideas (lots of tips and tricks)

Basement bathroom door for cleaning supplies. Kitchen to basement door for pantry items. Back of girls' door for barbies. Inside girls' closet for shoes. Inside my closet door for belts and scarves. Entry door for shoes, mittens, etc.

Vous avez les pieds secs, rugueux ou craquelés?  Essayez ça!  Adieu peaux mortes, peau sèche et abîmée…  Une « métamorphose » beauté pour les pieds vraiment simple et efficace!

mała miska - a kubek gorącej lub ciepłej wody + kub…

14 Garden Hacks for Thrifty Gardeners #Gardening #GardeningTips

14 Garden Hacks for Thrifty Gardeners

14 Garden Hacks for Thrifty Gardeners - diy water barrel

These tips cover the most common vanity issues ranging from skin to hair. Here are 15 amazing beauty hacks for your major problem areas.

15 Amazing Beauty Hacks For Your Major Problem Areas

Say goodbye to the unpleasant blackheads by clearing your skin with this simple homemade mask. 1 tsp gelatin + 3 tsp milk, microwave 10 seconds, apply to face

How To Make A Soda Bottle Drip Feeder For Vegetables...http://homestead-and-survival.com/how-to-make-a-soda-bottle-drip-feeder-for-vegetables/

Gardening Tip- Easy way to reach the roots of a Container plant, poke holes in a water bottle or soda bottle, bury between a couple seedlings and water as needed. by krista

Les 15 Utilisations Surprenantes du Coca-Cola.

Les 15 Utilisations Surprenantes du Coca-Cola.

Coca cola for cleaning my toilet! Just imagine what it does to our insides! Previous Pinner said: Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains! Also used Coke for cleaning soot off of the fireplace heat box, or outdoor grill.


Pulire casa in poco più di 30 minuti - Casa.it

How to Fix a Broken Finger Nail Easily

A nail band-aid? A broken nail isn’t the end of the world, but to have one short nail in line with the rest of your long beauties isn’t pretty. As long as you have nail glue handy, you can fix your broken nail in a matter of just a few minutes!

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