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Hannibal::Toxic - YouTube

Hannibal::Toxic(if this person who made the video made the video will and Abigail or will and margot or will and Alana instead of will and Hannibal my precious will would not look sooo gay!

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Hannibal: Season Two (Blu-ray + Digital HD) (Widescreen)

Hannibal & Will | "It's beautiful..." [3x13] - YouTube

********MAJOR SPOILERS******** "Can't live with him, can't live without him." My heart is bleeding and it really looks black in the moonlight and will someon.

HANNIBAL // { Adrenalize } - YouTube

HANNIBAL // { Adrenalize } - YouTube

HANNIBAL // { Whore} Hannigram - YouTube

HANNIBAL // { Whore} Hannigram - YouTube

Time Is Running Out - Hannigram - YouTube

Time Is Running Out - Hannigram

this is my design | Hannibal - YouTube

SPOILERS from Hannibal and I love this series so much I can't even describe in words!

Hannibal & Will | So Close - YouTube

[ ► ᴴᴰ for best quality ] Warning : spoilers for "Through dark and light I fight to be, so close, shadows and lies mask you from me." Let me int.

Hannigram - Wrecking Ball (Wrecking Hannigram) - YouTube

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se7en devils | Hannibal - YouTube

i am such a sucker for fan music videos.

~What have you done..?!~ [Hannibal/Will] - YouTube

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR Doesn't have to be Hannigram if you squint ^^ Not vegeterian friendly! I've been patiently waiting for a while to finish this.