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an advertisement for the adidas soccer team, featuring a stadium with green grass and white letters
Heineken to become the official beer of Major League Soccer
Heineken to Become the Official Beer of Major League Soccer
a wooden object is sitting on the floor in front of a white wall and it looks like something out of space
Chip Carving a Bowl
What makes the surface of a wooden bowl a little more interesting? Texture. Watch us chip and chisel this bowl to completion.
three wooden bowls and spoons on a white surface
shop tableware — Luke Hope
several masks are arranged on the wall in different shapes and sizes, including one for each individual
Visite privée du nouveau Lafayette Maison – Billie Blanket
a wooden plate topped with black and brown items
RECENT WORK — Casey Johnson Studio
wooden bowls and plates are sitting on the table
Ensomono / Odisea Bags and Accessories
UF/O - Collection
several different types of utensils and spoons are arranged on a wooden surface
◉☐▼ — Brigitte Studio
four different pictures of wooden sculptures in the process of being made
Ariele Alasko Makes These Creative Wood Sculptures And Home Decor Items
Sculptor and woodworker Ariele Alasko, has created a collection of modern wood abstract sculptures and home decor items like brushes, trays and candle holders. #Sculpture #HomeDecor #Wood
three wooden spoons and two chopsticks on a white surface
Beautiful wood tableware designed by Masayuki Kurokawa
a person holding a wooden spoon in their hand
Клуб Ложкарей России (Вырезаем ложки из дерева!)
Деревянная Ложка (Вырезаем ложки из дерева!)
a group of wooden vases sitting on top of a table
市川岳人 / Takehito Ichikawa sur Instagram : 楢の一輪挿したち、 大家族。