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I present to you, the complete comic of the scene from the end of Mark of Athena! Also, 150 hours of my life. I am going to sit in a corner and eat a bo. Long Way Down - Complete Comic - Mark of Athena

NASA Just Released Over 1,000 New Images Of Mars And They’re Out Of This World…

We& always been led to believe that Mars is red. That& why it& nicknamed The Red Planet. But as you can see from these stunning new images recently released by NASA, the surface of Mars is actually a lot more colorful than we think.

WWT carries such a powerful meaning

We want to hear your take on our song Grab all you need on the link in our bio and submit a remix of the song by January Excited to listen to your creations! by ofmonstersandmen

Hunger - Of Monsters And Men Lyrics & Meaning

Hunger Lyrics: You are right, I'll move on / But my lungs feel so small / I couldn't breathe if I tried / I lay my head on the floor / My beating heart wanted more / But I'll keep it in and keep