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Tiaras. Royalty. Princesses. Queens. Bow Down, ladies. Princes. People. Noble.

Oak and Floral Tiaras - Leah: Something like this for the tree people princesses. Only, they would be actual leaves and vines and flowers instead of the diamonds and silver/metal.

Beautiful Dress by Pierre Balmain 1954

This Balmain 1954 ball gown highlights the era in which it was designed and also the use of embroidery to add more depth to the look

30s Hooded Jacket & Circle Skirt Set - sm

Hooded Jacket & Circle Skirt Set - sm ////This is a stunning garment, from thje Like a time-traveler.amazing piece and truly passes in this current decade of the aughty-teens,

Daphne . vintage 1950s dress . vintage by millstreetvintage

vintage by millstreetvintage Love the color and the lace overlay. Like the style: full skirt, below knee, waist band.

Queen of beauty

The empress of the three worlds, the Lucifer's star and the only one Bellatrix Morgenstern, the living star on earth

Halter Sexy Open back White homecoming prom dresses, CM0005 – AlineBridal

2016 Halter Sexy Open back White homecoming prom dresses The halter sexy white homecoming dresses are fully lined, 8 bones in the bodice, chest pad in the bust,