Baking soda for skin care

Completely natural and effective health and beauty tips with baking soda! A true multitasking wonder for a ton of DIY beauty and health needs.Baking soda for ingrown hair is a must!

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*Sugar Waxing: worked pretty well, once I get the technique down it will be my go-to! Start out your sugar paste hair removal journey by combining cup of fresh lemon juice, cup of water and 2 cups of sugar.

remove body hair permanently

remove body hair permanently - one egg white + 1 tbsp sugar + tbsp cornflour - beat to a paste, apply on unwanted hair. Let dry and peel off like a mask

Say goodbye to the unpleasant blackheads by clearing your skin with this simple homemade mask.

small dry gelatin pack (fragrance free is a must, because you don’t want you to use the flavored variety and end up staining your face) -a few teaspoons of milk (any fat grade) - microwave 10 seconds, apply immediately and leave on 15 min

Seriously the most AMAZING MASK I've ever done!!!!!!!! Milk and baking soda >>> rub on in a circular motion then rinse off with cold water. Works instantly you will be sad you didn't re-pin this!

Seriously the most AMAZING MASK I've ever done! Milk and Baking Soda >>> rub on in a circular motion then rinse off with Cold Water. Works instantly, you will be glad you saved this!

How to get rid of facial hair with turmeric

You don’t have money for laser treatment, but want to get rid of facial hair, arms or chest without danger? Try turmeric, used for thousands of years by women in India (which are very brunette). How turmeric helps to get rid of hair

Get rid of facial hair permanently without pain

kh-rid facial hair permanently w/o pain. 1 T flour, 1 t sugar, part of 1 egg, Mix well til paste like glue. Apply paste to face, especially on the hairy areas. leave it Peel to remove mask wash.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Naturally ~

4 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Without Nasty Chemical Creams

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Naturally Without Nasty Chemical Creams, Razors and Wax! These are the usual materials people use to conquer unwanted hair

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