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2015 Campaign
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Pompelmo Splash: how to make a tasty mocktail with Pompelmo - Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages
Get everyone impressed by your mixologist skills, learn how to make this flavourful mocktail Pompelmo Splash!
Clementina Dream: how to make the best mocktail with honey - Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages
Close your eyes and enter a dream... this wonderful mocktail will light up the grey November skies. Get the recipe ->
Lemor Mix: the non-alcoholic cocktail with Limonata - Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages
Balancing the harmony between sweet and bitter with the Lemor Mix mocktail! Click for the recipe!
Sanpellegrino: Italian Sparkling Water & Beverages
Feeling nostalgic about summer? We got exactly what you need, tasting the Sweety mocktail will bring you right back to the beach!
Mocktail Sweety with Sanpellegrino Arancia & Fico d’India
Ready for the taste of a summer in Italy? This Mocktail Sweety with Sanpellegrino Arancia & Fico d’India will simply bring it to you. Discover how to recreate it on your own. #SanpellegrinoSparklingDrinks #timefortasteagain #StaySafe
a person holding up a beer bottle on the beach with other people in the background
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Here’s a sparkling moment of our friend Battal Kaya, clearly a true sea lover! Thanks Battal.
a pizza and two cans of beer on a table
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An Italian sparkling moment from Piccolo Giardino, a restaurant of Ataco. Did someone get hungry now? Thanks Piccolo Giardino!
many cans of orange juice are stacked on top of each other
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A generous sparkling moment of Geir Rognlien Elgvin. We’re sure he is having fun with many, many friends. Enjoy and thank you Geir!
two men sitting at a wooden table with bottles of orange juice in front of them
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A funny sparkling moment of Funda Turhan and his rival. Guess who won! Classic Aranciata or Aranciata Amara? Thank you Funda and Good Luck!
two cans of peach cider sitting on top of a wooden fence with trees in the background
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The sparkling moment of our friend Julie Francis. We can imagine her walking in the autumn nature and enjoying the day. Thank you Julie!
three cans of apple cider sitting on top of a table next to a window
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With four friends it’s easier to feel at home. Thank you Vlad Cazacu, for your sparkling moment.
a can of lemonade next to a sandwich on the beach
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What a symphony in yellow! Here's a lovely sparkling moment from Victoria Brand: Limonata, the hot beachsand and a juicy sandwich.. What else could you ask for?
fresh mints and lemonade on a wooden table
Fizzy Spiked Lemonde: vodka, sanpellegrino lemonade, fresh mint - how good does this look!!
a bottle of san pellecchine sitting on the ground
San Pellegrino Limonata
Sanpellegrino lemonade. So refreshing.
there are many drinks on the table and in glass vases next to each other
Beautiful Sanpellegrino bottles