simple & lovely french style, little polka dots, Image Via: A Feminine Tomboy

Café de Paris / SKP Magazine / Hans Feurer

When you spend 2 hours a day on the train, you occasionally get to witness the odd hilarious moment.- It's like becoming a professional stylist overnight.

Pausa caffé - rigorosamente vicino alla finestra per osservare scorrere la vita della città.

Photo (I measure my life in coffee spoons.)

This would be cute to take with a boyfriend dressed in cute winter clothes

Brunette reading in socks

the perfect red lipstick. striped shirt, knitted socks and a book.

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If reading this is your first introduction to my writing, I feel the need to give a disclaimer. I am writing this article because I published a male version quite some time ago, and fair is fair, l.

What I tell myself when I really don't feel like writing. Read more here: http://tamishaford.com/2014/04/what-i-tell-myself-when-i-really-dont-feel-like-writing/

Sitting in a little cafe in the city, sipping coffee, reading a book and watching the world whiz by along with the smell of java beans wafting through the air.

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so happy this picture makes me smile and feel good thank you