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Detox Your Body & Relax With This Ancient Self-Care Ritual

One of the things I've had to learn as an adult is the importance of self-love for the sake of well-being. Self-love can come in many forms: being conscious in the way we eat, mindfulness regarding

Si può imparare molto dalle scorie prodotte da nostro organismo. Sapete che il loro colore, odore, struttura e consistenza indicano se il vostro apparato digerente funziona in maniera adeguata? Sapete che rivelano lo stato della vostra salute? Se volete prevenire le malattie, dovreste controllare …

Mama Natural wants to get things going in the right direction for you. This video is cute but very serious info you need to know. The Bristol Stool Chart is a real thing and it looks like this.

Yoga For Your Mind ...... Besides helping out your stressed mind, what other benefits do these 10 yoga poses provide? Learn more ..... Kur

Help yourself to some yoga therapy. Besides easing a stressed mind, see what other benefits these 10 yoga poses provide. Infographic courtesy of Design Infographics.