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Absolutely humbled to have done this shirt design for Architects UK's new album pre-order packages. One of my favourite bands, so this was an amazing experience. You can pick it up at: http://kin...
.:.:.:.:.:.Bring Me The Horizon.:.:.:.:.:.
song: ► Deathbeds ♫ by the United Kingdom band Bring Me The Horizon, off their album Sempiternal. #OliverSkyes
Girl in my school had attempted to commit suicide one day. I had read about how to calm and talk down a suicidal person. Surprisingly no on in my school knew how to handle a situation but they were still trying to calm her. I went up to the principle and said let me talk to her, he looked at me and said No, The girl died. The next week her brother attempted to do the same thing. I talked him down, they said you saved a life I said it could of been two.
Lol! Bring Me The Horizon + Patrick Star
.:.:.:.:.:.Bring Me The Horizon.:.:.:.:.:.
Don't say I'm better off dead because heaven's full and hell won't have me.
.:.:.:.:.:.Bring Me The Horizon.:.:.:.:.:. more funny pics on facebook:
Antivist - Bring Me The Horizon (My most favorite song lyric ever)
Hospital for Souls - Bring Me the Horizon. This is my favorite line from the song..