Im' Back - digital back for 35mm analog cameras

Help me to produce the Digital Back for 35mm film cameras. Transfer your photos directly to the Web through the browser Send and receive email, Connect via bluetooth (mouse, keyboard and and more), Connect to the network via Ethernet cable, Access the function of this “small computer” via the TFT screen, For the Raspberry lovers, all the possibilities of their imaginations!
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I’m Back camera back adds digital functionality to your film camera
Sono tornato e Leica M2
I used a Raspberry Pi board B3 and the Raspberry Pi camera module Sony and did a Digital Back for analog cameras SLR and rangefinders!
Nikon F2 + I'm Back
I'm Back - Raspberry module camera v.2 8 mp
I'm Back and Leica M2
II'm Back - Advance - Digital Back for 35mm analog cameras
A low cost system to transform your RaspberryPi, Arduino, Genuino, Omega2 to a digital back for 35mm cameras from the 50/60/70s and 80s
Raspberry Pi Analog Camera Digital Converter Case (video)
Case Im Back pode ser entregue no Brasil com pagamento de frete (Foto…