Sea glass China Driftwood Sailboat Necklace

Sea glass China Driftwood Sailboat Necklace

Riciclare i contenitori delle uova per realizzare delle rose…. E’ davvero strano cio’ che si può fare con i più svariati oggetti da recupero, in questo caso parleremo delle confezioni di cartone pressato dove vanno riposte le uova per la vendita. Qualcheduno ha avuto la “bizzarra idea” di cambiare i connotati a questo “poco utile” ... Leggi ancora

Discover thousands of images about Beauty and cardboard egg trays. FRAME and PANEL.

Vivaio aerostato di aria calda aria calda di NailedItCustomCrafts

This particular piece is my own original design. x - reclaimed wood adorned with various sized pastel buttons, string and nails

Painted stones, Open Eyes, Use them as home decor, paper weights or magnets, to send secret messages, mini art canvases, rock therapy, environmental sculptures, pet rocks, as worry stones, wish tokens, or as personalized gifts, etc...The possibilities are endless!

"Pietre Preziose" Michela Bufalini / Pintura artística en piedra by cindy

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How To Carve A Heart in Pebbles, stone, sea glass and beach pottery by Eternal Tools. Take a Dremel rotary tool, a diamond core drill and a diamond burr and start creating shapes into your sea glass and pebbles.No rock will be safe in my yard!

Как Вам лето? Как настроение? ;))) Надеюсь у всех солнечное и морское ;)))))  А мы вчера, наконец, открыли купальный сезон =)))))))) Ураа...

Driftwood and Shell Flower, Reclaimed Wood Flower, Rustic Home Decor, Beach Home Decor/(Seaglass instead of shells.

Een leuk DIY kerst cadeautje: Met een stukje hardboard (of mdf), wat oude puzzelstukjes en een spuitbus verf maak je iets unieks en persoonlijks

Riciclo creativo puzzle! Ecco come riciclare i pezzi dei Puzzle