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24 Incredibly Minimal Logo Creations

This professional logo uses some of the gestalt principles to help make it more effective. One of those principles that is used here is, figure ground. The smaller shape of the P is made into the background of the logo which turns into paint. Also, the background here is white which is very effective because it makes the words stand out more on the page.

Food & Wine Festival by Kaushik Shivanagere Badarinarayana, via Behance

Profound Aesthetic Pouring Heart Tee

Profound Aesthetic Pouring Heart Tee #UrbanOutfitters

V For Vendetta Faces Tee


Slots | Unisex T-Shirt

A t-shirt for the slot car geeks.

United Pixelworker t-shirt; reminds me of a concept I was trying to convey in school... WAY better execution

STILLDEAD on heather gold. $23 fr Timberps