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a diamond ring is shown in front of a building with the words duono written on it
The protagonist of our last stop is the Duomo. We want to celebrate Milan and Lombardy in all their beauty. This region is a jewel that will soon return to shine by its own light, with the strong and dynamic spirit that has always distinguished it.
an image of a wedding band that is in front of a gazebo with the words villa duraz - palavicini written on it
Our eleventh stop is Genova Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini is a real theatrical experience. The diamond embedded in this Villa is the garden: an exploration of nature and spirituality!
a brochure with an image of a diamond ring in front of the colosso
The tenth stop is dedicated to the #capital of our beautiful country! Majestic, enduring and welcoming. “Rome belongs to everyone. To those who were born there and those who visit it.” In a city invaded by architecture, the Colosseum is like a #jewel that stands out in an overcrowded display window, capturing your attention and winning your heart.
a brochure with an image of a diamond ring
Our nineth stop brings us to our home city and one of the must-see islands in Venice! 🤩✨ Burano is famous for its lace work and brightly coloured homes.
a brochure with an image of a yellow diamond ring
Our eighth stop takes us to Alberobello, a precious gem of Puglia, which invites us to lose ourselves in its characteristic narrow streets! Visiting this city is a magical experience, and so is sleeping in a Trullo! What other gems are hidden in this magnificent region?
an advertisement for a diamond ring in front of a cityscape with the words, mo
Our seventh stop to celebrate the beauty of Italy is the city of #Torino, and the architectural jewel of the Mole Antonelliana. Take the panoramic lift inside the Mole to enjoy a spectacular view of the capital of Piedmont. Have you been on it?
a white gold ring with a diamond sits on the beach next to blue water and rocky cliffs
A dive into the sea for our sixth stop, we are in #Sardinia. Discover every facet of this precious jewel. We take you to the beach of #CalaMariolu, where the sand is sprinkled with small round, white and pink pebbles. What a wonderful postcard! Don’t you agree?
an advertisement for a jewelry store featuring two diamond rings
The destination on the fifth stop is the mountains, in one of the most fascinating places of #Trentino. 🏔 Let’s visit lake #Toblino, which embraces its elegant castle like a necklace. 🏰 What other treasures are hidden in this magical region?
a brochure with an image of a city and the ocean
An evocative and enthralling landscape. The key word for this fourth stop is #Shine. Just like the city of Positano, a coastal jewel of #Campania, which shines while looking out towards the waves of the sea. Did your eyes sparkle when you visited this beautiful place?
a diamond ring is shown in front of a cityscape with the sun setting behind it
The third stop takes us back in time, where since #prehistoric times dwellings were made from #rock. Seeing #Matera is like continuously reliving the moment when you are about to open a little box and you know that inside you will find a marvellous diamond. 🎁💎
a white gold ring with a diamond in the center and an italian countryside behind it
The second stop to celebrate #Italy with you is #Siena, in the magical region of #Tuscany! A jewel that shines by its own light in every season, just like a diamond ring. Don’t you agree?
a white gold ring with three diamonds in front of the ocean and an island behind it
In this unprecedented historical moment, we want to celebrate our most beautiful #jewel: Italy! 🇮🇹❤️ The first stop is the beautiful #Sicily, more precisely #CastellamaredelGolfo, a stretch of coast where the high rocky cliffs are interspersed with sandy beaches and secluded coves. Have you ever been there?
the city is lit up at night with lights on and buildings in the foreground
Prints of City skyline at dusk, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
an image of the sun setting over a cobblestone road with text reading rome, italy a fantastic 6 days itinerary
A Wonderful Itinerary For 5 Days In Rome
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20 Best Things To Do In Naples, Italy
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