birds tattoo

The birds im going to have flying from my feather, the tips of these birds wings are going to reflect the color of the feather. Im going to have each bird reflect a nephew, a sister, and my mother. So I will have a total of 8 birds.


Neon eyeliner/ eyeshadow wih otherwise bare make up, fresh hair, a white tee and denim cut offs = ultimate summer luxe

Short hair - amazing!

Pixie hairstyles are not just confined to short hair but are also fit for long hair as well. But they are a perfect combination with short hair.

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This is very fall/autumn, but I'm also thinking this would be good for Catching Fire!

75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

geometric tattoo [My first tattoo I like geometric designs and this took me a while to design so I hope you guys like it. Done by Christina MacLovin at Dragon Lily Tattoo 3380 east main road, Portsmouth, RI.


i know, neon is back. i'm not opposed to neon. in small doses, i quite like it. but i am opposed to neon eyeliner. it makes you look like an alien. even in the they didn't make neon look this bad.