Sabrina Ronca

Sabrina Ronca

Sabrina Ronca
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“thekimonogallery: Respect for the sword. Japan Cutting through “Spiritually speaking, we sometimes use this motif of “cutting through”. Do not be surprised in meditation if you come through the.

By Philipp Igumnov |

Encanta pensar que algo tão destrutivo poderia ser comestível, ah claro tipo coca cola. I enjoy this artwork because it uses something so large (mushroom cloud) and make it miniature, and then being cut by a knife.

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Jellyfish back tattoo - 100 Awesome Back Tattoo Ideas  <3 <3

Tattoo on full back Back might be one of the best choices for tattooing. A lot of people start their first tattoo on the back. It’s more flexible to many tattoo patterns as the back is the largest area of… Continue Reading →