Photographs by Szymon Brodziak - чем трудней задача, тем ценней победа

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Marcelina by Szymon Brodziak for est by eS

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Photo by Szymon Brodziak,Model Luiza Matyba

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Controversial Furniture Photography - What do an office chair, sofa or picture frame have to do with photography, or even art? A lot. Polish photographer Szymon Brodziak is known for hi...

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BW Fashion Photography by Szymon Brodziak Walk into the club like


Hot Spa Story by Szymon Brodziak

hinterland: ala keller and klementyna dmowska by szymon brodziak for schön! #23

Szymon Brodziak and amazing hair stylists from the Polish section of Haute Coiffure Francaise shooting a library romance for Zurnal Magazine.

Szymon Brodziak Fashion Photography

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