Ways To Make Home Made Body Wraps

A body-wrap is an effective and nicer way to pamper your body and make it free from impurities and stress. It helps to detoxify your body, increase blood

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Black & White Photography Inspiration : Top 10 Most Amazing Black And White Photos – Top Inspired - Photography Magazine


Funny pictures about A perfect pair. Oh, and cool pics about A perfect pair. Also, A perfect pair.


The bust of Nefertiti from the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin collection, presently in the Neues Museum. Seen in Berlin The work is believed to have been crafted in 1345 BC by the sculptor Thutmose.

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Protective eyes of Horus adorn bracelets found on Pharaoh Sheshonq II’s mummy, but engraved names indicate they were made for Sheshonq I, who is mentioned in the Bible. Treasures of Tanis Royal riches discovered during World War II.


Photos of the Oriental Shorthair cat Usyaka and her companion Pirate the cat.