Maldivian model: raudha athif who passed away in RIP [ rest in peace ] Miss you my friend.

Jamaican Photographer's Series Shows What Kids Can Teach Us All About Life

15 Blissful Photos That Show What Kids Can Teach Us All About Life

The wondrous world of a soap bubble - Adrian McDonald, Jamaican Photographer Captures the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood - My Modern Met

Tibet | 'Her costume was exceptional in it's composition and and in the quality of every single piece. monumentally sized amulets with intricate and beautiful engravings and a beautifully proportioned set of coral and dzi necklaces make this one of the most beautiful khampa costumes I have seen' | Image and caption © BetterWorld2010.

traditionally precious metals and stones are the main store of wealth for nomadic tibetan people, because families must frequently move with changing seasons, and an easily transported form of wealth is necessary.

by katie

I need more male characters. Here's an old scottish man. I need more beardy characters. None of them have beards. Old Scottish man.

© Kimberley Coole. Mulher da tribo Lanjiya Soura, Orissa.

Portrait of a Lanjiya Soura tribal woman with traditional piercings and tattoos, smoking a large hand rolled cigarette. The Soura are a tribe from Southern Odisha, northern coastal Andhra Pradesh in India. Photo by: © Coole Photography

Okay, there's no way to imitate these beautiful eyes in steel. Sometimes there's NO WAY that art can imitate life. Aren't they amazing?  What a beautiful girl.  Why does this remind me of the photo of the Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic.  Same haunting beauty, I guess.

Yes its a rare genetic condition called Waardenburg Syndrome which causes varying degrees of deafness, minor defects in structures arising from the neural crest, and pigmentation anomalies.