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I love foxes! This is so pretty and simple I'd want to add a little color to make it pop. The only way to put this off would be thin lines and a very steady hand.

Darwin’s fox is critically endangered, due to its small numbers, with just two known populations. Greatest threat to survival on the mainland is the presence of unleashed dogs in Nahuelbuta National Park, which may attack the foxes & have the potential to transmit diseases. Despite dogs being prohibited from the park. The larger island population appears safer, with Chiloé National Park encompassing most of the still untouched rainforest of the island & containing a sizable fox population.

Darwin's Fox - listed as critically endangered - photo by Juan Mauricio Contreras--beautiful

Red Fox

[Red Fox - How can you not love these beautiful creatures! Howz could yoo notz luv us?

Marbled fox.  I've never seen one like him.  He's beautiful.

I am wondering if this Fox is a cousin to the Arctic Fox? I have never seen a Fox colored this way before. No, it's just a color or red fox, like silver and black foxes.

theperfectworldwelcome: “ renamonkalou: “  Hideout | Veronica Batterson ” Beautiful !!! O/ ”

Cozy fox in a log. By Veronica Batterson Reminds me of "The Fox & The Hound" or the hunting scene from "Auntie Mame".

Talvikettu ~ by *Uuju. Dip pen & ink, & crayons #forest #fox #art

red-lipstick: “ Uuju aka Paula (Finland) -Talvikettu (The Winter Fox) from the Fox series, 2012 Trad Drawings: Dip Pen + Ink, Crayons Kesakettu (The Summer Fox) from the Fox series, 2013 Drawings:.

Red fox in the grey woods { illustration }

black, gray and white forest with a red fox staring at you . Uuju aka Paula (Finland) -Kesakettu (The Summer Fox) from the Fox series, 2012

"Silver Vixen"    Red Foxes ( Vulpes vulpes ) ( Silver Phase ) - Silverthorne, Colorado

beautiful-wildlife: “Silver Vixen by Nate Zeman Even in an area with a rich population of red foxes, it’s a rare treat to see a silver fox. Their pelts are so drastically different than their red.

For The Love Ahhhhh. - Other Wallpaper ID 1253671 - Desktop Nexus Animals

Red fox woke up

darkelf-whitewitch: “ beautiful-wildlife: “ Red Fox Waking From A Nap by Gary Lackie ” ”