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The Enduring Presence of Mamma in the Italian Kitchen - Westchester Italian Cultural Center

justjuls: “ raspberrytart:Flower bicycle @ The Vaults Cafe (by Zoë Power) ”

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Italian actors eating pasta

Cinema Italiano & Spaghetti - Italian Movies and spaghetti

Negli 1960-70, la playstation, il telefonino, lo smart phone e tanti altri strumenti non esisteva: i giochi di una volta erano questi. a Milano

Quando non c'era la playstation: i giochi di una volta - Milano -

Boys carrying spaghetti in Naples, 1929: photo trouvée aur Tweeter de Angelo Ferlucci

Boys carrying spaghetti in a macaroni factory in Naples, Italy, 1929 One thing I love about old photos is that the young boys are dressed so snazzy! I love that they just wore smaller suits. I feel like there was more respect back then.