I love love this! Lion of Judah

Lion Wrist Tattoo - GoTattooIdeas-Take a look at this awesome lion wrist tattoo. This may be a small wrist tattoo, but it sure does pack a lot of punch. Its a very detailed and well done tat

"A Mother's Pride" Lioness and cub original pencil drawing.

"A Mother's Pride" Lioness and cub original pencil drawing.Can be template for Mother-Son/Daughter/Children's tattoo!

Tatouages éphémères et autres nouveautés | Morning by Foley

Tatouages éphémères et autres nouveautés

tatt00edpe0ple:    Anabi Tatu

A Unique Teapot Tattoo with Rabbit and Deer. Usually, tea is not associated with animals like rabbit or deer, but you can have this unique teapot tattoo design that incorporates a rabbit and a deer, with great details.

ENGLISH: And there they were again. The tattoos, around his left upper arm. One line for one innocent life he had taken. One line for one of a wrongful. 0=0=0 DEUTSCH: Und da waren sie wieder. Die Tätowierungen, um seinen linken Oberarm. Je eine Linie, für eines der unschuldigen Leben, das er genommen hatte. Eine Linie, für einen unrechtmäßigen Tod, den er zu verschulden hatte. @cjqravenwritten

40 Original Line Tattoo Designs

arm band tattoos are pretty damn sick, thinking of one on my bicep mixed in with one of my favoite quotes