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10 DIY Flip Flops Ideas

DIY Flip flops and scarf. As much as I HATE flip flops, I'd wear these. They're more like sandals than tacky flip flops

Crochetshirt from

DIY Crochet Doily or Lace Table Runner- use this idea to lengthen or add lace to anything! Tank Top Side Panels (leave out the floppy 'pauldrons'.

Make this cute apron out of recycled denim. I like this idea for a painting smock.

Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans

I have lots of old jeans - make denim aprons! Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans ~ Creative Green Living

Quilt using old t-shirts

T-shirt rag quilt tutorial! Want to do this with all the kid's t-shirts from sports & one from school tshirts.

Flip Flop DIY

DIY sandals from cheap flip flops.great way to recycle those broken flip flops! @ DIY Home Ideas

Turn jeans into cute capris

Cute Way To Upcycle Denim Jeans Into Capri Style Pants Using Bias Tape .

Making sandals

sandal making for beginners. Looks like a site I need to spend some time on so I can learn to make shoes for my children with tough-to-find-shoes-that-fit feet.

Old flips flops that make your feet sore and and an old jersey t-shirt? Excellent, then make yourself these oh-so-sexy summer sandals

DIY Summer Sandals Tutorial 1 by annekata - turn an old pair of flip-flops and an old t-shirt into new shoes! Great for the thongs that you can't wear because they rub.

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Upcycle your old jeans into cute flipflops or slippers. No usable link, just a picture

IMG_2014.JPG (1200×1600)

Hemming pants while leaving original hem. Quick & easy, perfect for jeans, corduroy or any pant material. Idea works even better with a serger!