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My greatest passion; music. Don't really think in genres, I just love to collect beautiful music from around the globe.
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Anna Oxa - Controllo Totale (1980) Picked this beauty up via the guys from Joe's Bakery. Absolutely beauty, cover of Total Control from The Motels.

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Great Greek producer, who have made beautiful music in the 80's. Given a little bit more attention recently by the Amsterdam based Redlight Records guys, that brought out together with another great Greek collector, the Into The Light series, and on their own label Music From Memmory a compilation of Vangelis Katsoulis with unreleased material.

Joan Bibiloni - Sa Fosca Another great musician, that the Redlight Records guys high lighted via their Music From Memory label. They're last release, a compilation of this man's work and new unreleased material. But this killer is definitely one of my favorites.

Gigi Masin - The Word Love Gigi Masin, an Italian producer who made insanely beautiful music in the 80's, re discovered by the guys from Redlight Records that got some dead stock copies from him, sold them to their community and did a release on their MFM label and that went bananas. So that gave Gigi, a wonderful person and musician, the energy again to make music, this time with other great artists like Young Marco, Jonny Nash, Tempelhof and he is performing again. How nice is that!

Bebi Dol - Mustafa Took me a while to get my hands on this one, but I love this track by Bebi Dol Started collecting ex Yugoslavian music and the same with Japanese or Brazilian music, just the sound of that language is very interesting for me.

Almir Ricardi - Raca Did some Brazilian shopping last week and found a couple of great records! I love Brazilian music, and when it comes to South American music, or eastern music, I do prefer the kind that is influenced by the Funk/boogie wave during the 70's, that basically covered the whole earth. But i also appreciate the more 60's samba jazz period in Brazil.

Loredana Berte - E La Luna Busso I love Italian music from a certain time and Loredana Berte is definitely one of my favs. Great balearic vibe to it.

Loredana Bertè - IN ALTO MARE Another killer by Loredana Berte.

Almir Ricardi - Pura (1981) Great Brazilian boogie track! Produced by the master Lincoln Olivitti.

Jorge - Tudo Pode Acontecer (1985) Another great Brazilian boogie/disco track from Jorge. Strange thing is, that the Brazilian youngsters don't even know about this great music.

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