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Beautiful Music

My greatest passion; music. Don't really think in genres, I just love to collect beautiful music from around the globe.
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Anna Oxa - Controllo Totale (1980) Picked this beauty up via the guys from Joe's Bakery. Absolutely beauty, cover of Total Control from The Motels.

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Almir Ricardi - Raca Did some Brazilian shopping last week and found a couple of great records! I love Brazilian music, and when it comes to South American music, or eastern music, I do prefer the kind that is influenced by the Funk/boogie wave during the 70's, that basically covered the whole earth. But i also appreciate the more 60's samba jazz period in Brazil.

Shadow - Let's Get It Together From the album Sweet Sweet Dreams. This is acutally on its way to my home as we speak, can't wait to get my hands on this one. Masterpiece by electronic cosmic soca master Shadow.

Sandra Sá - Bandeira (1980) Swinging beauty by Sandra Sa. Even with the lyrics on the 7" cover it's quiet hard to follow haha, what a great language!

Ton Saga - Estrela Brilhante (1983) Killer track by Ton Saga I found recently.

Jorge - Tudo Pode Acontecer (1985) Another great Brazilian boogie/disco track from Jorge. Strange thing is, that the Brazilian youngsters don't even know about this great music.

Almir Ricardi - Pura (1981) Great Brazilian boogie track! Produced by the master Lincoln Olivitti.

Brother Mudada - Tambourine Lady (1979) Killer heavy disco jam from Trinidads Brother Mudada.

Loredana Bertè - IN ALTO MARE Another killer by Loredana Berte.

Loredana Berte - E La Luna Busso I love Italian music from a certain time and Loredana Berte is definitely one of my favs. Great balearic vibe to it.