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a poster with many hands reaching for a red heart in the center, and words describing insegnanmi
an advertisement with leaves on it and the words non ancora written in spanish
a sign that is on the side of a wall in front of a door with writing
Motivation, Life Quotes, Frases, Phrase, Italian Quotes
a white sign with writing on it in front of a chair
a white t - shirt with an image of a flower on the front and words written in spanish
Maglietta dipinta a mano Il Piccolo Principe Info spedizioni
several pieces of paper with writing on them sitting on top of a table covered in papers
two bookmarks with stars on them and the words written in spanish are shown below
an image of a sign with directions to different places in the world and words written on it
a poem written in spanish with graduation caps on it
the back cover of a spanish book with pictures of children in graduation caps