Nel momento stesso in cui dubitate di poter volare, cessate anche di essere in grado di farlo. J.B ♥
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Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals for Anxiety — Carry or wear Labradorite, Green Aventurine, or Lepidolite to reduce and overcome anxiety. Anxiety is related to the Root chakra, but I find these crystals work very well at the Heart chakra. — Affirmation: "I love and accept myself

Crystals for happiness

Crystals for Happiness and Joy ? Bring happiness and joy into your life with Citrine, Rose Quartz, or Sunstone. Carry with you or place on your Heart chakra. Affirmation: & am filled with happiness and I spread joy everywhere I go.

Past Life Recall Top Recommended Crystals: Petrified Wood, Amber, Apatite, or Phantom Quartz Additional Crystal Recommendations: Garnet, Opal, Kyanite, Blac...

Crystals for Past Life Recall — Work with Petrified Wood, Amber, Apatite, or Phantom Quartz to enhance past life recall. Hold it in your hand or to your Third Eye during meditation with the intent of visiting a past life.

Activate Your Body Natural High Energy! energy Re-Vitalize Your Mind!

Top Recommended Crystals: Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, or Sunstone Additional Crystal Recommendations: Sugilite or Citrine. Pyrite and Sunstone promote positive thinking. Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz transmute negative energy int

That's next (crystal guidance )

Third Eye Throat Crystals for Spirit Guides — Connect with your spirit guides and totem animals with Angelite, Selenite, Apophyllite, Celestite, or Kyanite. Hold your preferred crystal(s) while meditating. — Related Chakras: Third Eye and Throat

Back pain: Magnetite, Hemetite, Lapis Lazuli

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Back Pain. Top Recommended Crystals: Magnetite (also known as Lodestone), Hematite, or Lapis Lazuli. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Calcite (any color, but I feel Green or Blue would be best) or Flu


Top Recommended Crystals: Tiger's Eye, Aventurine, Jade, or Sunstone. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Smoky Quartz or Copper. Carry your favorite good luck crystal(s) with you as needed. These are also great to pair up with your prosperity crystal.