Bitter Campari vintage poster

Vintage Campari Posters- Attractive Vintage Italian Bitter Campari and Cordial CAmpari by Cappiello and Nizzoli

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Royal Crown Cola, 1941

Star of Gilda. I took the colas taste-test years ago, picked Royal Crown Cola, my favorite ever since! Say RC for me! Thats the quick way to get a Royal Crown Cola, best by taste-test!

Absinthe Vichet

Vintage Advertising Posters - They were selling this in Rome and I wanted to buy some but I have read since that it's not what anyone claims

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Vintage Italian Posters ~ Ramazzotti #illustrator #italian #posters

amaro felsina ramazzotti, cognac "la victoire", 1915 ca.

Terry Tanti

Rossi Mario / 1950 Martini , China lixy, con acqua calda et buccia di limone have a romantic punch with "Martini" the Italian bitter.

1950 ad for Pillsbury Pancake Mix

1950 vintage ad for Pillsbury Pancake Mix -050812