Rossa Del Vecchio
Rossa Del Vecchio
Rossa Del Vecchio

Rossa Del Vecchio

Altre idee da Rossa

Loelia, Duchess of Westminster by Cecil Beaton, 1920s

Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria, daughter of Crown Prince Rudolph

Anastasia and Maria Romanov

Madame Adelaide, daughter of Louis XV

Queen Alexandra in her youth years. Maria Feodorovna (Nicholas’ mother) was sister to Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, which explained the striking resemblance between Tsar Nicholas II and King George V.

Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna

Princess Irene of Hesse (Darmstadt) and By Rhine,Princess of Prussia. "AL"

Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna with her brother, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia, circa 1870s. Children of Alexander II.

Grand Duchess of Russia Maria and her brother Tzarevitch Alexei