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GREECE. Dodecanese islands. Leros. Leros beach. A patient and a care worker lie in the sun. 1994. Alex Majoli. I think the juxtaposition in this image is beautiful. The way that the withered old man is holding a clearly healthy, youthful woman's hand is very touching. I will attempt to use a element of juxtaposition in my photography

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USA. California. Los Angeles. US actress Marilyn MONROE. 1960. Eve Arnold. Marilyn is a icon, she represtents beauty to many people who admire her. The beauty contrasts with many of the other images presented in Magnum

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MOSCOW. Eating at McDonalds fastfood, a popular place for young Russians. Gueorgui Pinkhassov. This is a intimate image in a public place, I like the way the photo is voyaristic, therefore very natural.

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PAKISTAN. Peshawar. 1984. Afghan Girl at Nasir Bagh refugee camp. Steven McCurry. The first thing that attracted me to this famous image is the models unique eye colour, which is extremely striking. As this image is alot closer than many of the others, we can see the detail on her face/clothing, the girl has direct eye contact with the camera.

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G.B. 1976. England. London. The Teds. Tongue Tied Danny's wedding. Chris Steele-Perkins. I like the couples style in this image, and the happiness and unity they possess. As well as individuality.

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FRANCE. Paris. Haute Couture. 2007. Martin Parr. This image has the largest contrast to other magnum images, as many contain pictures of starving children.

Europe, 1998. On board the Spanish trawler "Rowanlea". Jean Gaumy. Natural, glum image.

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Turkey. 1990. Yozgat. Political meeting. Nikos Economopoulos. There seems to be an element of juxapostion in this image too, as the butterfly represtents freedom and beauty.

ISRAEL. 1974. The "old" Zoo in Tel Aviv. Micha Bar Am. I love the connection is apperance between the pelcan and the old man.

GB. England. Badminton Horse Trials. A women talks on her mobile phone. 1999. I like how the image has a witty feel to it and that the model is unexspected and natural. This image is a good representation of society today, through the use of fast-food and a mobile phone