Belgium-based design studio Twodesigners have created the Kork furniture and lighting collection. Made of cork, the collection includes coffee table, storage boxes and lamps.


Protrude is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer YOY. The tray, which looks as though it may fall given the angles it can be .


Maisonette by Italian Designer Simone Simonelli. Multifunctional series for small homes.

fratture d'oro

NEW KINTSUGI - Repair Kit. Kintsugi is an old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold.

porcellana bianca asimmetrico

How beautiful is this tray by London based Shiro Studio? Inspired by lunar craters formed by the collision of objects against our moon nearly two billion years ago – Mare Tranqullitatis is a. Photo courtesy of Shiro Studio.

impilabili con zampette colore

steel bowls Industrial designer Max Lipsey created his new Steel Vessels from cylinder gas tank parts.