Romy Carminati

Romy Carminati
Italia / Etologa relazionale. Operatrice Animal Touch (Kinesiologia applicata agli animali). Attivista per i diritti degli animali. Appassionata di conigli.
Romy Carminati
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The proper care and nail trimming method for RABBITS

Tips for trimming dog nails.FYI- If you cut the quick on accident you can use styptic powder to stop bleeding or use either a dry bar of soap, baby powder, baking soda, or flour. {Pet tips}{Puppy} {Pet Health Advice} {Nail Injury}

How to trim bunny nails properly...this still scares me every time

How to trim bunny nails properly. I should not get a bunny because I am never going to trim a bunnies nails. They are the cutest but .

How to pick up your rabbit. 3 examples are shown of how to pick up a rabbit safely in the image. This is important to know because if rabbits have fragile spines and if they are uncomfortable they will kick and risk breaking their back.

This is *one* method - worked for the very tame and confident ones. Most prefer to not see while being picked up, so the tuck-the-head-into-your-elbow method worked best with them.