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Romina Rimondi

Bologna - Italy / Web designer and Psychology student
Romina Rimondi
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jim morrison - Cerca con Google

In this video, the Freemason fingerprints are revealed behind the deaths of Jim Morrison on July 1971 and his girlfriend Pam Courson, April Lear.

Jean Delville  L'amour des âmes

Above: The Love of Souls - Jean Delville . The twin flame or twin soul – thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one and only other half of one’s soul, for which all souls.

The head of the 1ft 6in high Pollia condensata plant that ranges from Ethiopia to Angola and Mozambique, which scientists today revealed as the most colourful plant ever seen. Pollia condensata's vivid sparkle comes from the interaction of light with its skin, which contains layers of microscopic cellulose fibers. The effect is a metallic blue brighter than any yet described in a biological material.

odditiesoflife: “ The Most Intense Color of Any Living Thing on Earth Also known as the marble berry, Pollia condensata is a wild plant that grows in the forests of several African countries. The.

Unable are the Loved to die For Love...  Emily Dickinson

Unable are the Loved to die For Love.