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an image of a street that has some buildings on it and the words, the bridgerton filming locations
Discover the Bath filming locations for Bridgerton
Is #Bath England’s most beautiful city? With its stunning Georgian architecture & landmarks, it’s certainly in the conversation. Flanked on either side by beautiful colonnades of slender ionic columns, Bath Street is one of our favourite spots in the city, where you almost feel as if you walked straight into the pages of a #JaneAusten novel. Bath has been seen on screen many times, most recently in the hit Netflix series #Bridgerton, read our blog to delve into the different filming locations!
the cover of lewis chessmen in the british museum
See the Lewis Chessmen in the British Museum
This set of ivory pieces in the British Museum, the Lewis Chessmen, is perhaps the most spectacular medieval #chess set in existence. The figures are fabulously expressive. The original owner of the set is unknown, but it has been theorised that they were in the possession of a trader intent on selling them who was forced to bury them for safekeeping while in Scotland. The Lewis Chessmen set is one of the must-see items in the British Museum collection, take a look at some of the others!
the royal residence at the tower of london is decorated in red and blue with gold accents
The royal residences in the Tower of London
Guarding the city of #London from its hilltop position overlooking the Thames, the Tower of London has been a forbidding symbol of royal power and infamous dungeon for nearly 1,000 years. Numerous monarchs have used the tower as a royal residence, Henry II and Edward I both had a luxurious series of apartments built, today restored to their original medieval splendour to give a vivid sense of the courtly world of England in the Middle Ages. Find out more about this iconic London landmark!
two women looking at paintings in an art museum with the words read more on it
The Impressionists in London's National Gallery
London’s National Gallery is home to one of the world’s finest collections of European painting, including extraordinary canvases painted by the French #impressionists. Although the term impressionism was first used to disparage the works of a group of avant-garde artists in 1870s Paris, the term quickly took on more positive connotations and came to stand for a new approach to painting. The National Gallery is just one of #London’s incredible museums, take a look at some of the other options!
two women standing in front of a statue with the caption reading read more and learn more
The history of the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum
The extraordinary #Parthenon marbles are amongst the greatest testaments to the splendour of ancient #Greek culture in existence. Also known as the Elgin marbles, this collection of #sculptures comes from the Parthenon, the centrepiece of the Athenian Acropolis that was decorated with sculptures. The marbles remain amongst the British Museum’s most controversial objects but are an absolute must-see for anyone interested in #Classical art. Take a deeper look at these iconic pieces with us!
people are sitting on benches in front of some buildings and a clock tower with the words visit london above them
Explore London
Gherkins, cheese-graters, walkie-talkies…These are just a few of the creative nicknames that have been earned by the flamboyant skyscrapers of the City of London, the English Capital’s all-action financial district. Now an indelible feature of the London skyline, the skyscrapers are visible from all across the city. Fantastic views are to be had from the Thames Walk along the city’s South Bank - discover the UK capital with us! #London #LondonUK #Skyscraper
the interior of borough market, london with text overlay that reads borough market, london
Borough Market London
With a story stretching back over a thousand years, historic #Borough #Market is #London’s most famous and best-loved food market for good reason. Spreading out across a series of magnificent Victorian buildings, the sprawling complex features hundreds of produce traders and gourmet street food stalls whose delectable wares have made Borough Market one of London’s leading foodie destinations. Find out why Borough Market needs to be at the top of your agenda with our online guide!
a large building with lots of windows and a red sign that says, a day trip to bath from london
Bath Day Trip from London
Elegant #Georgian #Bath is one of #England’s finest cities, and amongst its many draw-cards is the magnificent ancient thermal spa complex that gives the city its name. Easily one of the most important #Roman archaeological sites outside the #Mediterranean, a visit to Bath’s baths is like diving back in time to the heyday of #RomanBritain almost 2,000 years ago. If you’d like to visit this amazing site on your next visit to #London, let us take care of all the arrangements!
the interior of an old building with columns and paintings on the walls, along with stairs
The artistic riches of London's National Gallery
With masterpieces spanning every era and genre of art, few museums in the world can match the artistic riches of London’s #NationalGallery. Where else can you rub shoulders with #Renaissance greats da Vinci, #Raphael and #Michelangelo as well as gaze on masterpieces by #Caravaggio and #Rembrandt, #Monet, #Cezanne and #VanGogh all under one roof? And that’s just for starters! It's an absolute must-visit on any trip to #London, and features on our Best of London itinerary!
the best parks and green space in london, read more about them than you'd think
The best parks in London UK
All eyes will be on #London this weekend for the #coronation of #King Charles III, formally marking his ascension to the throne. While only a few thousand people will be in #Westminster #Abbey for the coronation service, millions more are expected in the streets of London, making it an extremely busy day to be in the UK capital. If you’re in London and want to be able to escape the crowds, take a look at our collection of the best parks in London!
the interior of westminster, london with text overlaying it that says westminster abbey london
Westminster Abbey, London
The soaring halls of #Westminster #Abbey will be centre stage this weekend for the #coronation of King Charles III. Dating back to the 1000’s, the original #church was built by Edward the Confessor. Over the centuries other #kings and #queens have added to the stunning interior, with beautiful chapels, memorials and decoration, resulting in the breathtaking sight we see when walking inside. Learn more about what there is to see in Westminster Abbey in our blog!
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Visit London with us!
Enjoy one of the world’s greatest cities in the company of a local expert guide. This is London at its quintessential best: get ready to start your journey today with Through Eternity! #London #UK #England