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the painting depicts two men in black hats
Virgo Fidelis, patrona dell’Arma dei Carabinieri
a painting of a man with a hat looking out over a city at the ocean
Carabiniere GUS - Paesaggio Napoli
War, Mod, Arm, Xmen, Diorama, Army, Italian Army, Middle East, Italia
a red rose with a skull on it and the words ne secoli fedele
an image of some people and animals in different poses with skis, snowboards, and sleds
Poses, Body, Druze, Soldier, Full Body Workout, Military Drawings
a black jeep parked in front of a building on a cobblestone driveway with a police officer standing next to it
Carabinieri, Italy
two men in uniform standing next to motorcycles
an old police car is parked next to another one
Alfa-Romeo Giulia 1600 Super Station - 1972
Rome, Model, Uniform, Modeling
Harley Quinn, Harley Davidson, Figures, Harley
Legos, Crafts, History, Battle, Masons
Models, Draw, Drawings
Posters, Minis
Vintage, Toys, Medieval, Figure Painting, Game