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Ladies please read, your flowers can easily become the most expensive part of your wedding! Consider going with in season flowers to help stay in your budget!

Seasonal Guide to Wedding Flowers.this is just a guide for what is in season, usually. Most flowers are available all year round but out of season flowers tend to be more expensive.food for thought! Check out the website to see

PROFESSIONALS BRUSHES #madeinitaly #handmade A complete range of brushes, perfect to blend products in a professional way for a flawless #makeup.

PROFESSIONALS BRUSHES complete range of brushes, perfect to blend products in a professional way for a flawless

Uno de los momentos más esperados en la vida de una mujer es el día en que elige su vestido de novia. Todas hemos visto decenas de películas y programas con historias de novias que llegan a elegir su vestido acompañadas de amigas y familia… Así que si ese día ya llegó para vos: primero …

¿Cómo elegir el vestido de novia que más te favorece

Neckline Fashion Vocabulary

The ultimate Neckline Vocabulary

delicata e chic la sposa Elenoire #weddingdress

Foto: Marian Bader Duven / Photographe’s Assistant Daniel Zihlmann/ Abito Couture Hayez /Location: Hotel Centurion Palace/Hair Style -Makeup: Marco Cazzaro: Hair Tek/Press officer

RMW & Top Wedding Dress Designers bring you the ultimate Guide To Wedding Dress Shapes | Silhouettes | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/a-guide-to-choosing-your-wedding-dress/

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