Zawieszki choineczki na

Zawieszki choineczki (Coloured Christmas Trees) - Simple and beautiful DIY decorations using yarn/wool.

Divertida e fofa cortina de pompons. com 10 fios  de 1,90cm. -Pode se fazer em cores únicas, degradé, ou em tons pastéis para quarto infantil, veja mostruário de cores na página, especificando. R$ 70,00

Cortina personagens Ovelhas Fofas

32 Wonderful Pompom Décor Ideas / Home Design Ideas, DIY, Interior Design And More!

Street Art ~ Yarn bombing - this one's for you @Autumn Eaken Eaken Wiggins

''yarn bombing'' is one of those spur of the moment ideas that really isn't a bad thing. decorating something with yarn in a classy way is fun and pretty. this bench looks amazing to me.

Pom Pom Yarn Bomb! If you can't knit and you want to yarn bomb, this is the way.


Yarnbombing – 65 Yarnbombed Trees Ruttopuisto Park , Helsinki , Finland---OOo I love this one!

yarn bombing.  Would make a great cover for a metal pop-up frame, or old umbrella frame

“ Tunnel of flowers made for the garden festival ”Le Lot + Le Laine” at Musee de Cuzal in Saulic Sur Cele, France ”

Day 33: non so quanto siano vere queste parole, so solo che di rabbia adesso ne sto provando tanta, ma mi piace, mi fa sentire ViVa #ilovemyself #cercasemprediguardareillatopositivo #bepositive

Day non so quanto siano vere queste parole, so solo che di rabbia adesso ne…

Yarn bomb chair

Yarn bomb a chair? ~ Yarnbomb a to from lionbrand! This is fabulous!

lampada amb betes

‘Peppered Baklava’ is a handmade and eco-friendly lampshade designed by Green Queen Eco Design.