Pranzo di pasqua: come preparare una tavola creativa e colorata13

Hard Boiled Egg (Chickens) Start out by slicing your carrot slice as seen in the photo. Make as many as you have eggs. Slice off a bit of the bottom of each egg so it will stand upright.

Pig sausage bread ~#provestra

Piggy Biscuit (picture only) - looks like dinner rolls with hot dogs, covered with an egg or milk wash so they bake with a sheen and the ears stay on.

Pasta Brioche

Pasta Brioche

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Fruit Owl - body is a slice of pear, eyes kiwi & blueberries, nose a raspberry, wings green grapes, feet & eye brows red grapes, and a pretzel stick

Healthy fresh fruit owl Fun food for kids Creative snack dessert idea +++ Buho…

Antipasti natalizi    Leggi l'articolo: Antipasti di Natale: spiedini veloci e senza cottura  Antipasti di Natale: pinguini con olive e formaggio    Pinguini con olive e formaggio, l'antipasto per la cena di Natale

Penguin appetizer--made from black olives, cream cheese, and carrots. You could also probably use mozzarella instead of cream cheese.


A watermelon baby carriage can be a creative way to display a watermelon at a upcoming baby shower. When using a watermelon as a table centerpiece, you combine beauty and art for a tasty treat.