Rocchi Emilio

Rocchi Emilio

Altre idee da Rocchi

Bernini's angel sculpture on Pont Sant'angelo

The most significant showpiece of this period is the "Tazza Farnese" in Naples. An approximately 107 BC produced, both sides engraved magnificent shell of banded agate with a diameter of 20 cm.

anotherboheminan: BYZANTINE JEWELRY 11TH CENTURY Gold and enamel reliquary cross, Byzantine, early 11th century.This is a view of the closed pendant. The reverse of the pendant depicts the Virgin Mary with St Basil the Great and St Gregory Thaumaturgus. This small pendant has been found on the site of the Great Palace at Constantinople.

4-8th c. A.D. Byzantine/Eastern European gold cross (30 x 40 mm, 6.7 g) - 4320

Crucifix pendant; a copy in gold of the 11th-12th century gold and enamel Dagmar Cross in the National Museum of Denmark. 1863-1878 (circa)

Exquisite Gold/Silver Engraved Orthodox Cross

Cross Byzantine bronze cross from Nisyros (11th-12th century AD) The cross is decorated with an incised representation of the Archangel Michael, who is named by inscription Design: Thomas Kotsigiannis

Processional cross in red jasper, gold and gems, donated by Otto Visconti to Abbot Paolo da Besana, 1296

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Reliquary Cross

Byzantine pectoral cross. Silver, 11th cent.