Food Branding

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Great baking non baking use for the baking mat. The baking mat logos were used as guides to pip chocolate onto. This made for an easy awesome baking guide for the chocolate decorations on these great brownies. Fun easy way to show your love.

We made these to sell for a fundraiser that my kids were doing at their school to raise money for Cancer research.

Temple University Logo Cookies - Nephew's HS Graduation Party. Attending Temple University next year so made logo cookies to go with his HS logo cookies (posted separately). Toba's Butter Cookie, antonia74 outline/flood with chocolate transfer logo dropped on while wet. TFL

biscotti con zucca e cioccOlato

Fabulous for a wedding or other event, I may consider buying pre-made Petit Fours, and using a clean wax stamp (available at stationery stores), press initials into melted chocolate, right on top. So easy. And clever.

Milk Chocolate Elephants on Parade - Pak - Our Elephants on Parade molded chocolates are also bearers of smiles. The figurines are made from Red Elephant's premium milk chocolate blend, nesteled in a fun-loving pak with our signature elephant logo.

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