Buona notte

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a heart shaped object with the words dolce note written on it in front of an ocean
a greeting card with butterflies and flowers in the center, on top of a blue background
a candle and some candles on a sheet with music notes in the background, and an image of a golden chalice next to it
buonanotte, collage,.oro, candela, cioccolatini. Notte. Inverno. Created by Federica
buonanotte, #collage , #oro, #candela , #cioccolatini . #notte . Inverno. Created by Federica
there is a small statue of a girl holding a teddy bear in an egg with the words guananotte on it
Buonanotte, uovo di Pasqua, cioccolato, bimba, bambina addormentata. Created by Federica.
#buonanotte , uovo di #pasqua , #cioccolato , bimba, bambina addormentata, peluche. Created by Federica.
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the moon is sleeping in the sky with clouds and stars around it that spell out the word
a small dog wearing glasses and holding a cell phone in it's paws with the caption concuccio la giornata aquariando a tutti una
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an image of the moon and water with words that read,'banananoke '