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Anime: Sword Art Online

SAO 4koma - Sleeping PK by on @deviantART I really wish she did that.

Kirito <3 Asuna

Opposite - Sword Art Online ~ DarksideAnime

Is it stupid that I would give everything to live in SAO considering the thousands of people that died in that game? Nahhh

The great love triangle of ALO

I love SAO. I'm watching the GGO part now in the anime, and I'm going to read the manga soon. People who say your crap because you just watch the anime are wrong. Anyone that has only watched the anime like me is just as good as any other fan.

Look at this smexxiness-- no, don't you look away!! :O Just look... Okay, go away now so I can have some "alone time" with this picture. ;)

we have a shizu-chan ^-^ -Durarara