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What if Sherlock was an anime?!

If BBC Sherlock was an anime. Being an anime fan and a BBC fan, I would be in absolute heaven if they made animes and mangas out of all the BBC shows.<< Uh, previous pinner, there is an anime. I have read it.

FIGHTING EVIL BY MOONLIGHT... Hahaha this is is awesome, I love when sailor moon crosses over into my other fandoms :)

consulting detectives: Make up! With the science of deduction,we will punish you! the music was in my mind from the begining to the end! Johnlock crossover sailor moon THIS POST COMPLETES ME

Full res (1+2) 30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 25...

Full res 30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 25 (Gazing into each others’ eyes) Day 24 - Day 26 sherlock ugh, your face, so gross