Sanremo, capitale indiscussa della Riviera dei Fiori è da sempre amata da scrittori, poeti e personaggi famosi grazie ai suoi scorci architettonici e…
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a person riding a surfboard on top of a wave in the ocean next to a sandy beach
Alessio Ursida
palm trees are in front of the ocean and some buildings with a dome on top
Sanremo - pigna
an ornate building with statues on the top
Sanremo (Imperia) – Un pezzo di Russia nella riviera di ponente
Sanremo (Imperia) – Un pezzo di Russia nella riviera di ponente | Flickr –
two people walking down a sidewalk next to palm trees on a sunny day with blue sky
Sanremo, Italy
an aerial view of a marina with boats in the water and buildings on the shore
La Mia Liguria | Portale Ufficiale di Promozione Turistica
La costa di Sanremo, Imperia, Liguria - © Enrico Bottino
palm trees line the street next to the ocean
Sanremo, Italy
an old photo of a town and the ocean in the distance with trees on either side
Sam Remo, Italy, loved it there, gorgeous cobblestone roads!
an alleyway with laundry hanging on the clothesline and a lamppost in the distance
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Sanremo, Liguria, Italy
people walking down an alleyway with colorful flags hanging from the ceiling
Sanremo -3
San Remo by chick*pea peace of mind in walking with friends
an alley way with stone steps leading up to the door and stairs in between it
Bussana Vecchia, Geometrie - Liguria, Italy
an alley way with buildings in the background
All things Europe
I'd love to be walking on this street
an alley way with stairs and potted plants
Sparkles augustsummer: San Remo, Italy
there is a statue in front of the water with flowers around it and an overcast sky
Sanremo nel Imperia, Liguria