Make your own Architectural Letters

DIY Architectural Letters ~ Designing and constructing a letter. Instead of wet, messy adhesive, you'll be using paper packing tape to create a papier mache effect. Inexpensive and easy to use, it creates finished letters that are hard and durable.

Nail & string lettering.

DIY: nail and string letters, or put it on a board first, (Use tack nails and yarn for kids rooms?

THIS is what I need to do with our wedding day letters. Cut Paper, Pins.

Cut Paper, Pins from Annie Vought. Her website says all hand cut paper!

Use wine corks to create wine glass charms

Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

Wine Cork Crafts and Wine Cork Projects - 30 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks Glass charms

Tips and Tricks to achieve a professional chalkboard look!  Read it- you'll thank me later!

We all love chalkboard, it is gorgeous. Learn chalkboard tips and cheats that will help you get a professional look to your board.

The Alphabet 2 by n9ve.

The Alphabet 2 by The Alphabet a horn book video experiment - is a developmental spelling - video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself.