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a coffee cup sitting on top of a map with the words i want to travel
Caffè amaro ☕
I really, really, really want...
a hand holding a mason jar with the words dreams above it
Depend on you whether all dreams come true or not. Should have done everything for this purpose. Dont wait it just try successing. Giving up your decide is not a choise. All your dreams is like a full of a jar of jam. Sometimes it s too sweet to eat it. Always will be hardships in your spoon. If you want it just try to achieve. Again and again, dont give up. And then you re gonna take it all your jam.
three girls standing in the water with their arms up
#ScrivimiAncora – La tua storia d’amicizia: Il diario di bordo di una ragazza e le sue amicizie.
Pervinca Periwinkle, Vaniglia Periwinkle, and Flox Pollimon photos
two people holding each other's hands with rings on them and a daisy in the middle
Every Breath You Take
Day 15: In my hands, I hold the flowers of my life.
a beach with palm trees and the words jasmino living with nature on it #citazioni #aforisma #frasi #coaching #parole #frasi #aforismi #citazioni #famose #belle #massime #pensieri #tempo #filosofia #pensiero #positivo
the sky is filled with clouds and pink hues as seen from an airplane window
Our heads might be in the clouds, but our dreams are right within reach.
a person holding a glass jar with butterflies flying around it in the sky above them
Avvicinatevi all’orlo Non possiamo, cadremo giù Avvicinatevi all’orlo Si avvicinarono. Lui li spinse. E volarono (Guillaume Apollinaire)