Steve McQueen and friend.

tout ceci est magnifique: McQueen + Kitty Cat William Claxton ~ Steve McQueen and his family cat Kitty Cat, 1963

Marlon Brando Hmmm!

Marlon Brando, 1953

Marlon Brando (so handsome) & kitty ! He loved cats. One of the cats in the film The Godfather was a stray hanging around the movie set .

Marlon Brando and his cat.

Kitty Kiss with Marlon Brando. The sexiest man ever made sexier by his gentleness with photo after photo.

Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse and other great authors with their cats. I think I need another cat.even if I'm not an author.

Uno scrittore senza un gatto è inconcepibile. Certo è una scelta perversa, poiché sarebbe più semplice scrivere con un bufalo

Cover of John Montgomery's book The Kerouac We Knew Kerouac loved cats. In 1968 he wrote this haiku: And the silent cat ~ sitting by the post~ perceives the moon.