Pasticceria Tarantola

Tutti i dolci della nostra pasticceria.
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cupcakes with pink icing and green sprinkles are on display
several different types of breads on a white plate with brown and black toppings
a three tiered cake sitting on top of a table next to a lake at night
a cake with white frosting and red berries on the bottom is decorated with flowers
many pastries with white icing and blueberries on them are arranged in rows
three boxes of chocolates are sitting on a table
there are many pies with different toppings in the same pattern on each one
many different types of pastries are on display in a wicker basket, including croissants and pretzels
many different types of chocolate and nuts on a table
there are many different types of chocolates in the tray on the table and one is white with brown sprinkles
there are some cookies in the white paper